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Stretch Lids

Stretch Lids

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Do you struggle with your food going bad due to being improperly stored?

Then this is the product for you, our stretch lids are made with BPA-free, food-grade silicone, and can be stretched to accommodate various shapes and sizes

Environmental Impact

Our Stretch lids are made from silicone which means they are reusable and long lasting, reducing the need for single-use plastic wraps and aluminum foil. 

They are also the Eco-friendly alternative for storing your food, and can be simply washed after use

Design and Usability

Our stretch lids are available in various sizes and shapes to fit a wide range of bowls, pots, and containers.

They are also stretchable and flexible to accommodate slightly irregular shapes and sizes


Our stretch lids are semi-transparent, allowing easy identification of contents.

They also don't take up much room allowing for simple storage after use

Our stretch lids are ideal for everyday kitchen use, offering a sustainable solution for food storage and protection, while also adding convenience and efficiency to food preservation.

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