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Enhance Your Sleeping Experience

SoundSlumbers intergrated bluetooth feature allows the user to listen to music for a more relaxing and soothing environment, conducive to falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer.

Long Lasting Battery Life

SoundSlumber has a long-lasting battery life to last you throughout the whole night. On maximum volume, SoundSlumber lasts up to 7 hours on a full battery and up to 10 hours on medium volume.

Quick Charging Capabilities

SoundSlumbers Quick Charging Capabilities are designed in such a way that it only takes an hour or two to charge to full battery,


SoundSlumber is a versatile product, you don't only have to use it for sleeping its a perfect product for when you simply want to zone out or even meditate, this is all thanks to our prestigious design. 

Comfort And Convenience 

SoundSlumber is extremely comfortable compared to normal bulky headphones or even earphones, everyone knows that falling asleep with earphones is very uncomfortable, that's why SoundSlumber is superior.


SoundSlumber can be washed. Simply take out the speakers, wash the band and put the speakers back in once the band is dry.

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